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Solar Green Australia is one of the three biggest solar companies in the world by revenue. We employ over 9,700 people and operate on 6 continents.


We’re committed to improving the lives of all those who interact with our brand in the communities we operate in. Discover how we go about making the difference.


With the stable business operation, Canadian Solar has more than 1200 active customers globally, and cooperated with 67 international banks. Get more detail on our investor relations portal.


Why Solar Green Australia ?

  • 100% Australian owned company.
  • All Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited local installers.
  • Guaranteed Installation within 3 weeks.
  • Competitive price with quality products.
  • Contract price that includes installation and inspection of the system.
  • Variety of German technology products to choose from.
  • All approved products as per Australian Standards.
  • Up to date with the latest technological advancements in the market.
  • Organised and customized financial options with convenient repayments.
  • Assurance of maximum Government rebate for the system.
  • Extensive assessment of your energy and budget constraints and requisites.
  • Boosting your output and value for money through an efficient solar solution
    Professional ethical and eco-friendly approach towards design, installation and maintenance of the products.


Solar Green Australia is an established Solar energy solution provider in Australia. An adept team that is experienced over a decade in the Solar industry had collaborated in to forming Solar Green Australia.

SGA has been set up with an insight to advocate the practice of solar energy which has emerged as one of the most rapidly growing renewable sources of electricity.

I add further Solar panels to my existing system in future. Read on…

It is the most advisable for you to install the system of its highest capacity relative to your power consumption, for the maximum efficiency.

Based on the variations in your consumption, you can certainly add more panels to your system and it might subject to an upgradation, based on the respective regulations from the authorities.

We Cover the Whole Spectrum

We Write about natural energy


Solar Green Australia has on board, teams of Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited Installers and Technicians, to ensure quality and safety of customer’s Solar system installation.


Having handled the biggest and the most reputed projects in Australia, our Installers excel in their expertise and workmanship.


Availing ourselves of the most powerful and unlimited source of energy the nature has blessed us with, to produce electricity.

What Happen Next

Benefits of Solar Panels

  • Uses the most sustainable and renewable energy resource for its operation.
  • Reliable as they actively produce electricity without any requirement of mechanical parts.
  • Produces NO wastage.
  • Rises your home value up to 20%.
  • Beats the ever increasing energy prices.
  • Manufacturing of the panels has negligible impact on land use and ecology.
  • Decreases our requirement on coal and oil-conserving fossil fuels.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint – Solar power alone can reduce 8.5 tons of Carbon dioxide approximately per home per year, making it equivalent to taking 3 cars off the road.
  • Requires little maintenance

All roads lead to Solar!

Since we design the solar from the beginning

Why Solar Green Australia?
What about quality and safety ?
Are there any extra on-going costs?
What warranties do I get ?
What is the correct size of system for me ?

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Saurabh Parmar

Best service ever highly recommended

Sarah Brown

Had a great experience with installation and queries handled personally and promptly. Very happy with price for the system we wanted. Would recommend Solar Green Australia to all my friends.

Ian Graham

Thanks SGA for the great job on my solar panels! Gave me a great deal I could not resist! The gentleman provided great service and was prepared to meet my every need from electricity usage, energy sell-back options and especially the price. You guys are doing many things right!!

John Butler

Excellent work..installed 3.05 kw with no problem ..witch other company they couldn't do it ..BTW and save lots of $$$ great work Electrician very professional and tied. 10 **********

Sam Flynn

I'm very happy of my solar system and thank again to Solar Green Australia or the great job. I would recommend to anyone.

Kamy Mev

It was very professional experience and they did deliver their promised. Installer are very experienced and expert in their work. Highly recommend this company for someone's solar Needs